The Story Behind The Brand

It was during my recovery from having major surgery in June of 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic, when the idea to start making handmade items came to mind.

If you can remember how hard it was to get basic needs such as toilet paper during that time, than you know it was even harder to get items that was non-toxic for home fragrances. I’ve always loved using essential oils for everything like cleaning the home, and even in my hair care products.  So I began researching how I could make basic room sprays using the essential oils I already had.

It was from there I began the business that is now ScentPerbUlous. 

I am constantly researching to find ways to replace everyday household items and body products that contain harmful chemicals, and create natural holistic versions of those same items that will take care of our needs and keep our families safe.

Who we are?

ScentPerbUlous offers the best in handmade bath and body products. Our natural ingredients make it easy to keep up with your wellness needs in a sustainable way. Our handmade bath and body products are designed to promote healthy skin, relaxation, and aromatherapy.

As of April 2022, ScentPerbUlous is now a physical location in Greenwood, SC. I make the majority of our handmade items at the shop, with the bath and body products made at my home

In the physical store, you will find candles, room/linen sprays, incense, cold pressed soaps, herbal baths, bath soaks, face and hair serums, body butters, foaming and exfoliating sugar scrubs, special essential oil blends, diffusers, spiritual tools, and much more items all handmade with love!

I am so glad that you took the time to stop by, and our goal is to make sure that when you think of scents, you think of ScentPerbUlous.

XOXO-Starr Carter

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