The Story Behind The Brand

In the midst of my arduous recovery from major surgery in June 2020, a time when the world grappled with the unforgiving grip of a pandemic, a remarkable idea sprouted within me. It was during those challenging days, when society yearned for solace and security, that I found solace in the soothing power of handmade creations.

Recalling the struggles to procure even the most basic necessities like toilet paper, one can easily comprehend the intensified difficulty of obtaining non-toxic home fragrances. But as a passionate advocate for natural remedies and a profound love for essential oils, I resolved to explore the realm of crafting exquisite room sprays with the oils that had long brought joy to my life.

From that humble beginning, ScentPerbUlous was born—an embodiment of my unwavering commitment to humanity and the environment. Driven by a deep-rooted desire to replace commonplace household items and personal care products riddled with harmful chemicals, our enterprise aspires to fashion holistic alternatives that nurture both our physical and emotional well-being.

Every day, as we delve into uncharted territories, our passionate team diligently conducts research to unravel the secrets of Mother Nature. We tirelessly seek out natural solutions that can transform our daily routines, ensuring a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and our cherished families. At ScentPerbUlous, we wholeheartedly believe that the power of nature, when harnessed with care and expertise, can deliver the finest essence of well-being.

Experience the Finest Handmade Bath and Body Products at ScentPerbUlous

Discover an array of exquisite handmade bath and body products at ScentPerbUlous, your premier destination for wellness essentials. Our carefully crafted items feature natural ingredients, ensuring a sustainable approach to self-care. Indulge in our collection of products designed to enhance your skin’s health, promote relaxation, and provide invigorating aromatherapy experiences.

As of April 2022, ScentPerbUlous has expanded to a physical location in Greenwood, SC. We take pride in producing the majority of our handmade items right in our shop, while our bath and body products are lovingly made at our home.

Step into our physical store and be captivated by an extensive selection of handmade treasures. From enchanting candles and revitalizing room/linen sprays to alluring incense and nourishing cold pressed soaps, we offer an abundance of choices. Immerse yourself in blissful herbal baths, indulge in luxurious bath soaks, or rejuvenate your face and hair with our specialized serums. Pamper your skin with our velvety body butters and invigorating foaming and exfoliating sugar scrubs. Explore our unique blends of essential oils, discover transformative diffusers, and find solace in our spiritual tools. At ScentPerbUlous, every item is crafted with utmost care and passion.

We appreciate your visit and aspire to become synonymous with exceptional scents. When you think of scents, let ScentPerbUlous be your first thought.

With love,

Starr Carter, Founder of ScentPerbUlous

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