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Sandalwood + Vanilla

Sandalwood + Vanilla

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Discover the sweet and exotic aroma of the Sandalwood Vanilla Candle. Escape to a world of soothing, comforting scents with our carefully blended mix of African violets, exotic sandalwood, and sweet vanilla notes. Let the warm and inviting aroma fill your home and create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Enjoy the unique calming experience of this delightful candle!

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Sandalwood + Vanilla

Light up your home with the Sandalwood Vanilla Candle and experience sheer sophistication! The perfect blend of African violets, exotic sandalwood, and sweet vanilla aromas will take you away to a world of luxury. As the candle slowly melts, its fruity, hay, wood, tonka bean and vanilla notes will fill your home with warmth and comfort. Enjoy an unforgettable ambiance in every room with the Sandalwood Vanilla Candle!

This candle comes in a matte black 7oz jar that is perfect size for kitchens and small rooms with an average burn time of 55-65 hours.


fruity, hay, african violet, woody, tonka bean, vanilla


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